Your first class

Your first class

This blog will help you know what to expect in your first class with Kaliedoscope!

What time should you arrive?

We recommend turning up 10-15 minutes before your dance class starts to familiarise yourselves with the environment and filling out the registration form if you haven’t done so already.

What to wear

At Kaliedoscope we have a uniform that everyone wears. This is a Kaliedoscope black t shirt and plain black leggings (which you provide) Trainers are to be worn and your hair must be tied up and no jewellery is to be worn. It is not necessary to be wearing our uniform on your first lesson, so any t shirt and leggings will do.

What to bring

Please bring a water bottle, especially when the weather turns warm. We don’t always break for water but appreciate that if we are working extra hard then a sip of water will be refreshing.

Class Information

Your first class with us is free, allowing you to get a real feel for Kaliedoscope and to see if this is where your child will be happy dancing. We hope it is!

We do not allow parents to watch the children in their classes unless they are invited in. We find that having parents or siblings in the room creates a distraction for the child from the class and find that even if the child is unsure at first they will settle in quickly.

Please make sure that your child has gone to the toilet before class starts. We make sure we use every minute of the class teaching your child and would hate for them to miss out on a part of it due to going to the toilet.


All of our venues have off street parking, some more limited than others. So please bear that in mind especially for our busier classes. This will make it easier to attend your class.

After your first class

After your first lesson the teacher will have a chat after class to see how they got on and a welcome email will be sent. This email will include all the information you need to know about signing up to Kaliedoscope. Once you have confirmed that you would like to sign up an invoice will be sent with instructions on how to pay. When we have received the payment a receipt will be sent.

We hope you enjoy your first class at Kaliedoscope and look forward to welcoming you to our dance family!