Liana Smith-Weir


I am freelance dancer and I started teaching for companies at the beginning of 2018. I now teach street dance 5 days a week.

I trained with Boadicea (all female dance company) for two years before, studying  BTEC dance at West Herts College for another two years.

Throughout primary school I attended street jazz classes and trained towards the exams. During the first two years of secondary school, I trained at two different performing art schools.

One notable thing I have done, is danced in a music video for an artist called Ky Lewis- the song is called ‘Be My Keeper’.

In my opinion, I started professionally dancing later than most of my fellow peers who are also dancers (eight-years-old). One thing I like about working with Kaleidoscope, is that we focus on the fundamentals. Which I think especially with children now a days, is very important. As children tend to focus on the newest dance trends, I enjoy teaching them the basics of the culture. Which is beneficial for them in the future, as it expands their ‘dance vocabulary’